The College has an Alumni Association to keep contact with the past students and to associate them with the college activities and its development. The reputation and vitality of an educational institution depends considerably upon the interest that the institution takes in its alumni the closeness that the alumni feel to their alma mater.

The Lakhimpur Commerce College Alumni Association was established in 2001 with a Central Committee in Lakhimpur. It is a non-profit organization to promote the objectives of the college and establish a continued rapport. The Alumni Association has made a membership drive and at present it has about 500 members.

The membership of the Association is open to all those who have completed their study in this college. The membership fee is stipulated at Rs. 50.

The Association has chalked out a numbers of activities for implementation for the development of the College and upliftment of the neighbourhood and society at large.

The By-Law (Constitution) of the Association incorporates rules regarding its membership, functions etc. Students now studying at the college as well as Alumni may contact the President/secretary of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION for more information about the Association.


1.Mr. Manik Ch. Sonowal, Administrative Officer, LICI.
2.Mr. Kamal Dutta, Manager, SBI.
3.Mr. Utpal Dutta, MLA, Lakhimpur LACAssam.
4.Mr. Rajkumar Saraf, FCA, Chartered Accountant.
5.Mr. Hari Gopal Dutta, FICWA, Sr. Executive, IBPLtd.
6.Mr. Om Prakash Chandak, FCA, Chartered Accountant.
7.Mr. Hanuman Lakhotia, Entrepreneur, New Delhi.
8.Mr. Khiren Bhuyan, Entrepreneur.
9.Mr. Aswini Madhab Dutta, Regulatory Head, Aircel.
10.Mr. Om Prakash Rathi, Chartered Secretary.
11.Mr. N.K. Rathi, Tax Consultant.
12.Mr. Brajalal Debnath, Tax Consultant & Lecturer Law College.
13.Mr. Sunil Kr. Jain, Broker & Financier.
14.Mrs. Meena Kotheri Jain, Financial Advisor, Max Life Insurance.
15.Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwalla, FCA, Chartered Accountant.
16.Mr. Bajranglal Rathi, Advocate, Supreme Court.
17.Dr. Ranjit Tamuli, Professor, Dean & Controller of Exam. Rajib Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh.
18.Mr. Sunil Kr. Agarwalla, Printer & Publisher.
22.Dr. Robin Das, Principal.
23.Dr. Jyotish Bordoloi, Associate Professor, Haflong College.
24.Mr. Jugal Bharali, Associate Professor, Diphu Govt. College.
25.Mr. Jugal Das, Tea Executive.
26.Mr. Ramesh Doley, Sr. Executive, LICI.
29.Mr. Haren Mahanta, Accounts Officer.
30.Mr. Govind Taparia, C.S. Consultant.
31.Mr. Dulan Baruah, Hotelier (Hotel Moonlight).
32.Mr. Phatik Doley, AES, Inspector of School
34.Mr. Rajesh Malpani, Businessman & Social Worker.
35.Mr. Biswanath Sarma, Advocate, Guwahati High Court.
36.Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Business in Computer Sales and service.
37.Mr. Mohendra Hazarika, Associate Professor, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
38.Mr. Ashok Kumar Boruah, Associate Professor, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
39.Mr. Amulya Borah, Assistant Professor, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
40.Dr. Gunindra Nath Sarmah, Associate Professor, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
41.Mr. Dipul Boruah, Assistant Professor, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
42.Mr. Parama Phukan,Head Assistant, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
43.Mr. Jagat Ch. Dutta, Accountant, Lakhimpur Commerce College.
44.Mr. Moheswar Saikia, Asstt., Lakhimpur Commerce College.
45.Mr. Dipak Bor Borah, Asstt. Lakhimpur Commerce College.
46.Mr. Jibon Kalita, Lib Bearer, Lakhimpur Commerce College
47.Mr.  Bhaskar  Pratim  Sarma  Baruah, Assistant  Professor,  Rajiv  Gandhi  University, Arunachal Pradesh.
48.Mr. Munindra Saikia, Entrepreneur.
49.Mr. Nanda Kishore Chandak, Fabric Dyeing, New Delhi.
51.Mr. S.D. Patra, Associate Prof., Dhemaji Commerce College.
52.Mr. D. Chutia, Associate Prof., Dhemaji Commerce College.
53.Mr. R. Dutta, Associate Prof., Dhemaji Commerce College.
54.Mr. P. Saikia, Associate Prof., Sibsagar Commerce College.
55.Mr. B. Saikia, Associate Prof., Sibsagar Commerce College.
56.Mr. D. Chutia, Associate Prof., Margherita College.
57.Mr. C. Boruah, Associate Prof., Digboi College.
58.Mr. R. Gogoi, Associate Prof., D.H.S.K. Commerce College.
59.Sri Navaroon Sarmah, FCI, Manager.
60.Sri Anup Agarwal, Chartered Accountant
61.Sri Manoj Ladhar, Chartered Accountant
62.Sri Kailash Malpani, Chartered Accountant
63.Miss Chitraditi Boruah, Chartered Accountant
64.Sri Nitesh Jhawar, Chartered Accountant
65.Sri Rajen Gupta, Chartered Accountant
66.Ms. Bohnishikha Bordoloi, Asstt. Prof., Lakhimpur Commerce College
67.Mr. Anup Gogoi, Jr. Asstt., L.C.C.
68.Dr. Arun Barnah,Ph. D. Data Scientist, Cyber India, Bangaluru


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