The IQAC of Lakhimpur Commerce College was formed on 2005 and since then it has been actively playing a role in designing and maintaining the quality assurance in all spheres of the institution. All the academic and administrative and administrative activities of the college comes under the purview of the IQAC and it has been working to create a conducive environment for the growth and fulfillment of quality education and overall growth of the learners IQAC keeps a record of all the activities of the institution and on the basis of the documents and evidences prepares the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for submission to the NAAC. The IQAC has been functional also in the evaluation of the curricular aspects, especially the performance of the students in their examination. The IQAC also encourages research related activities in the college by conducting National/State/Departmental Seminars, Workshops, talks and publication of magazine and journals. The Principal as the chairperson of IQAC also monitors the proper implementations of the Annual Teaching Plan/s submitted by the various departments and all the activities (curricular and co-curricular) according to the Academic Calendar.
The Chairperson of the IQAC in consultation with the different members and the Head of the Departments forms different committees at the beginning of the Academic session which actively carries out quality enhancement plans. Some of these committees are Grievance Redressal Cell, Career Guidance Cell, Anti-Ragging & Vigilance Cell etc.
The IQAC holds regular meeting of IQAC and all the stake holders of the college to discuss various measures related to quality enhancement, update of the activities carried out, problems related to implementation of any program and plan for the future development of the institution.
The IQAC collect regular feedback from all the stake holders (Alumni, Guardian, Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching members) and a feedback analysis committee is formed to review the online and offline feedback received from them. IQAC also ensures that the Attendance registers and daily teaching diaries are duly maintained and checked.
The IQAC keeps proper communication with all the members of the institution through circulars/memos/notices and keeps door open for suggestion from all the stake holders. In a nut shell, the IQAC is fully committed to the development and welfare of the institution.

Lakhimpur Commerce College
North Lakhimpur, Assam
Dr. B. S. Behera
Principal, Lakhimpur Commerce College :Chairperson

Dr. Diganta Kumar Das
Assistant  Professor, Department of Accountancy :Co-ordinator

Shri  Aban Chandra Barman
Assistant  Professor, Department of Political Science :Joint Co-ordinator

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sil
Assistant  Professor, Department of Hindi :Assistant Co-ordinator

Dr. (Mrs.) Harini Patowari Das
Assistant  Professor, Department of English :Assistant Co-ordinator

Dr. Manoranjan Pandit
President, Governing Body, Lakhimpur Commerce College  :Member from the Management

Sjt. Utpal Dutta
M.L.A., Lakhimpur  Constituency  :Nominee from Local Society

Shri  Gopal Kumar Chetry
Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy &
Academic Co-ordinator
Lakhimpur Commerce College  :Assigned Member from Administration

Shri  Rajendra Prasad Borah
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science &
Academic Co-ordinator
Lakhimpur Commerce College :Assigned Member from Administration

Shri Mahesh Chandra Bhagawati
Associate Professor, Department of Banking :Teacher Member

Shri Dipul Boruah
Assistant  Professor, Department of Accountancy :Teacher Member

Shri Manoj Kumar Tamuli
Assistant  Professor, Department of Sociology :Teacher Member

Dr. (Mrs.) Rupjyoti Bhattacharjee
Assistant  Professor, Department of English :Teacher Member

Mrs. Bohnisikha Bordoloi
Assistant Professor
Department  of  Business Statistics :Teacher Member

Dr. Dadul Rajkonwar
Assistant Professor
Department  of  Commercial Law :Teacher Member

Mrs. Tarun Kumari
Assistant Professor
Department  of  Commercial Arithmetic :Teacher Member

Shri Subham Sarmah
General Secretary, Students Union,
Lakhimpur Commerce College :Nominee from Student  Community

Shri Braja Lal Devnath
Lecturer, North Lakhimpur Law College  :Nominee from Alumni

Mrs. Meena Kothari
Professional Financial Advisor (USA):Nominee from Alumni

Shri Manoj Ladhar
Chartered Accountant :Nominee from Alumni

Shri Parama Phukan
Head Assistant, Lakhimpur Commerce College:Nominee from Employee

Shri Munin Saikia
Entrepreneur :Nominee from Industry/Business Community

Shri Abinash Singh
Businessman:Nominee from Industry/Business Community

Shri Jiten Sarmah
Retired Principal, Lakhimpur Commerce College:Nominee from Stakeholder

Shri Mrinal Kanti Mitra
Retired Vice-Principal, Lakhimpur Commerce College :Nominee from Stakeholder

Mrs. Anjana Borah
Guardian Member, Governing Body :Nominee from Stakeholder

Miss Monikha Sharma:Nominee from Alumni

Miss Nisha Moheswari:Nominee from Alumni