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Strategic and Perspective Plan

A strategic and inclusive plan has been prepared by the institution for the development of infrastructure, academic development, extracurricular activities, sports and culture. These targets have been set with exclusive consultation with all the stakeholders – faculty and office staff, alumni, management and the local community, NGOs and Consultant Agencies.

1. To increase the number of research publications, books and funding assistance.

2. Development Alumni Cell

3. Starting Post Graduate Programmes

4. Starting of English Major in Under Graduate Level

5. To create a centre for continuous education through which certificate/ skill development programmes can be offered.

6. To start Multidisciplinary Courses

7. To conduct Sports Talent Hub

8. Start Vocational Courses

9. Restart NCC (Both Boys and Girls)

10. Start new Diploma/Certificate Course

11. To start Self-Financing Courses

12. To aim for good scoring in NAAC

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2017-2018 View
2018-2019 View
2019-2020 View
2020-2021 View
2021-2022 View