The college is controlled and managed by a Governing Body. The Governing Body looks after all matters pertaining to academics, discipline, management and infrastructure development. As the main body of governance, it provides effective leadership in the realization, and fulfillment of the vision and mission of the college and takes decisions and sees to its implementation.  The Governing Body includes the Principal, the Vice-Principal, two teacher members, one non-teaching staff member, three guardian members and the Librarian of the college. As majority of the members are from the college itself, all decisions taken in the Governing Body are pro-institutional and meant for development of the college. The Principal cum  Secretary is the face of the Governing Body. As a ground leader, he manages and controls everything in co-operation with the Vice-Principal, the Ministerial Staff, all Heads of Departments, the Students' Union, the IQAC and different Committees. Teachers actively participate in the decisions taken in the Academic Committee, Library Committee, Grievance Redressal Cell, Discipline Maintenance Committee, Admission Committee, Examination Committee, Construction Committee etc. The Governing Body undertakes financial management of the college.

Structure of Governing Body

1.President. (Term  5 Years)

2.Secretary. (Principal ex-officio)

3.Vice-Principal.(Member ex-officio)

4.Two University Nominees. (Term 3 years)

5.Three Guardian members. (Term 3 years)

6.Two teacher representatives. (Term one year)

7.Librarian of the college.

8.One member from non teaching staff.

9.Local MLA as permanent special invitee.

List of Governing Body Members of Lakhimpur Commerce College

1.Dr. Manoranjan Pandit

Retired Principal, Lakhimpur Girls College, Khelmati,

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9435085839 :President

2.Dr. Bhimasen Behera

Principal, Lakhimpur Commerce College,

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9435387496 :Secretary

3.Sjt. Utpal Dutta

MLA, 111-Lakhimpur Constituency

Dist. Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9435389954 :Special Invitee

4.Dr. (Mrs.) Amiya Rajbongshi,

Retired Vice-Principal,

North Lakhimpur College, Assam

(M) 9435089353  :Member (University Nominee)

5.Mr. Kuldip Narayan Dutta

Assistant Professor,

Lakhimpur Commerce College

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9854340954 :Member (Teacher Representative)

6.Dr. Gunindra Nath Sarmah

Associate Professor,

Lakhimpur Commerce College

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9435085349  :Member (Teacher Representative)

7.Mrs. Anjana Borah

Asstt. Teacher

N. L. Girls H. S. School

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9954373037 :Guardian Member

8.Mr. Bichitra Chutia

Ananda Tea Estate

Pathalipam, Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 8876458672 :Guardian Member

9.Mrs. Manurama Bhuyan

Vill.: Gorehaga Maibelia,

P.O.: Azad,

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9401585525 :Guardian Member

10.Mr. Jagat Chandra Dutta


Lakhimpur Commerce College,

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9859115439 :Member (Non-Teaching Representative)

11.Mrs. Runjun Baruah

Librarian, Lakhimpur Commerce College

North Lakhimpur, Assam

(M) 9101417082:Member