Criteria wise formation of Committees

Preparation of the Self-Study Report along the guidelines formulated by NAAC involves a two-tier activity :-

a)  Collection and organization of information and data :
b)  An honest, in-depth and methodical analysis of the data to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC) of the institution as a system.

To carry out the exercise, the college decided to move along certain work-points and adopt a methodology. As a sequel to this, the college formed the following committees for collection and organization of information and data on the seven parameters/criteria of assessment. The committees formed criterion-wise are:

Criterion-I-: Curricular Aspects:

1.Academic Committee

Criterion-II-: Teaching - Learning and Evaluation :

1.Academic Committee
2.Admission Committee
3.Examination Center Committee(Internal and External)
4.Semester Examination Evaluation Zone Committee
5.Prospectus Committee

Criterion-III-: Research, Innovations and Extension:

1.Publication Cell
2.Research Cell
3.Extension Service and Outreach Activities Cell
4.NSS Advisory Committee
5.NCC Advisory Committee
6.Women Cell
7.Red Ribbon Club (for AIDS Awareness etc)

Criterion-IV-: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

1.Building Committee
2.Construction Committee
3.Library Committee
4.Canteen Committee
5.Clean Campus Committee
6.Computer Centre Committee (for IT infrastructure development)
7.Swayam Implementation Committee
8.Website Maintenance Cell
9.Distance Education Study Centre Management Committee, D. U.
10.Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU) Study Center Management Committee.
11.Sabda Bharati Study Centre Committee (under Sabda Bharati, Hindi Sansadhan Kendra, Guwahati).

Criterion-V-: Student support and Progression:

1.Alumni Association
2.Information and Career Guidance Cell
3.Vigilance and Anti-Ragging Cell
4.Grievance Redressal Committee
5.Equal Opportunity Cell (for Minority Communities, Gender equality, Specially abled children)
6.Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of women at workplace/college
7.Discipline Maintenance Committee
8.Internal Compliant Committee
9.Committee for SC/ST
10.Minority Cell
11.Committee for OBC (OBC Cell)
12.Students’ Union Election
13.Students’ Union Portfolios

         (c)General Secretary
         (d)Assistant General Secretary
         (e)Music and Cultural Secretary
         (f)Indoor Games Secretary
         (g)Outdoor Games Secretary
         (h)Magazine Secretary
         (i)Social Service Secretary
         (j)Gymnasium Secretary
         (k)Debating and Symposium Secretary
         (l)Boys’ Common Room Secretary
         (m)Girls’ Common Room Secretary

14.Electoral Literacy Club.

Criterion-VI-: Governance, Leadership and Management:

1.College Governing Body
3.Media Cell
4.Website Maintenance Cell
5.Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC)

Criterion-VII-: Institutional Values and Best Practices:

1.Extension Service and Outreach Activities Cell
2.Swattchha Bharat Programmes Implementation Cell
3.Vivekananda Study cum Yoga Centre

(Dr. B. S. Behera)
Lakhimpur Commerce College
North Lakhimpur, Assam