In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001

1.       OBJECTIVE:

a. The main objective of the department is to provide an opportunity to the students to study Economics as a discipline in Major and General Courses at degree level both in B.A. and B. Com.

b.   To motivate and generate economic consciousness among the students of the college.

2.       MISSION:

The mission of the department is to impart higher education in the field of economics. Empower the students with critical understanding of economic theory, analytical treatment and empirical interpretation of economic issues. Make the students aware of recent and ongoing developments in the field of economics. The department also strives for personality development and academic fitness of the students and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the future.

3.       HISTORY:

   The economics department starts from 1972 since the beginning of the college. In the time of starting of the department Sri Binod Chandra Dutta was the only faculty who taught Economics to the commerce students. Sri B. B. Phukan joined the department in the year 1975. Both of them taught commerce students till 2009. In the year 1993 when the Arts stream was introduced Mrs. Ely Chaliha joined the department as a lecturer.    Due to personal cause Mrs. Ely Chaliha left the college in 1994 and in her place Dr. Sikhamoni Borgohain has joined.  With the demand of students major course in Economics subject was started in 1996 and Mr. Padmeshwar Dihingia joined as a lecture in the department in that year Dr. Sangeeta Borthakur Tamuli joined the department in the year 1999. At present, there are five faculty members in Economics department, two of them (Dr. S.B. Tamuli, 2009 and Dr. S. M. Borgohain, 2011) are appointed in the Commerce stream against the post of Mr. B.C. Dutta and Mr. B.B.Phukan. The post of Mr. P.Dihingia is provincilized in the year 2013.   The post of other two faculty members Mrs. Jyotismita Borah and Mr. Bhrigu Kr. Phukan are non-sanctioned. 

4.       Present Faculty            

1.Dr. Sangeeta Borthakur Tamuli (M. Sc., PH. D., Specialization in Econometrics)

2. Dr. Sikhamoni Borgohain (M.A., PH. D. ,Specilization in Demography)

3. Mr. Padmeswar Dihingia (M.A., M. PHILL, Specialization in Agriculture)

4. Mrs. Jyotismita Borah (M.A., Specialization in Mathematical Economics)

5. Mr. Bhrigu Kr. Phukan (M.A.,Specilization in Demography)

Assistant Professor
MA, M. Phil
Date of Joining: 1996-08-01
Assistant Professor (HOD)
M.Sc, Ph.D
Date of Joining: 1999-09-08
Assistant Professor
MA, Ph.D
Date of Joining: 2011-02-01
Non Sanctioned
MA , B.Ed
Date of Joining: 2011-07-20
Non Sanctioned
MA, M. Phil, P.G.D.R.D
Date of Joining: 2012-07-17
HOD, Department of Economics
Lakhimpur Commerce College
In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001