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The learning levels of the students are assessed through major evaluation tools like semester examinations, home assignments, two sessional examinations and class tests that assess and identify the advanced, average and slow learners. Different departments also conduct group discussions, student seminars, quiz, oral tests, projects, etc. the students are guided and oriented at the time of admission to make them aware of the course, other activities, facilities available in the college, rules and regulations. The students are provided with the academic calendar and class routine at the time of admission. The college has also arranged online classes for students during lockdown period. Moreover, special strategies like tutorial, remedial classes, academic counseling, class notes, personal communication with guardians through letters and SMS are done with the slow learners. The advanced learners are provided with additional learning materials, reference books, link to e-resources, etc. The students are encouraged to participate in the departmental and national seminar. The teachers adopt bilingual medium of discussion in the class for easy learning. The writing skills are tried to develop among the students.

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