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The department of Business Statistics launched its journey on  4th September,1972 as a general subject and till date it has been a compulsory subject for B.Com. students. From then this department is functioning smoothly by providing the pupils with good knowledge and ideas about statistics. The pupils in this department are very much enthusiastic about the subjects related to the curriculum. The department consist of two permanent post. At the time of introducing the department to the college two professors who were a part and parcel of this department and whose name has to be taken were Prof.Ranjit Baruah and Prof. Naren Sarmah. Through their constant effort the department has produced many quality students who are now contributing to the nation growth.

Besides teaching the department organizes seminar, group discussion which help the students in uplifting themselves which is the need of the hour. Above all the faculty members are always ready to help the students at any time be in the campus or outside the campus.


a. The main objective of the department is to provide the commerce student the background of statistics which will help them in the future higher studies and also to predict the markets ups and downs in the financial market. To fulfill its objective the department provides its service in the H.S. level as optional subject and in the B.Com. level as Compulsory subject.

b. As commerce student is more accessibility to the financial market the department provides their interest in it.

c. Moreover the department helps the commerce student in knowing the economy of a country. 

d. To conduct theoretical and practical studies in the field.

e. Having good working knowledge of the most commonly used statistical methods.


The mission of the department is to create value for students, business and society through activities that lead to career success and the advancement of knowledge. To in cult in the students all types of knowledge that is necessary in commerce education for future progress.


To create and develop a quality education to the students through which they will learn from the past, will able to face the current situation and can be able to contribute to the future.


1.Mrs.Bohnisikha Bordoloi

2.Mr.Deepjaan Gohain




Assistant Professor
M.Com, M. Phil
Date of Joining: 2010-12-16
Prof Deepjan Gohain
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, M.Phil
Date of Joining: 2013-04-12
HOD, Department of Statistics
Lakhimpur Commerce College
In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001