In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001

The college has a well planned, well organized and decentralized mechanism of maintenance and upkeep of physical, academic and support facilities. Allocated Budgets of different Heads are prepared every financial year and placed in the Governing Body meeting for approval. For proper maintenance and utilization, the college follows the following systems and procedures:


The Department of Education has a Laboratory for teaching/conducting Psychological experiments. One IV Grade employee of the college is entrusted with the responsibility of up-keep of this Laboratory under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department of Education.

The College has a well furnished Computer Laboratory with a good number of computers for teaching “Computer Certificate Course” under Self-Financing Programme. For maintenance and up-keep of this Laboratory one IV Grade employee of the college is entrusted with the responsibility under the supervision of HOD.


There is a Library Committee in the college which looks after the development of the Library. All Library related issues and matters are discussed in the Library Committee meeting and accordingly steps are taken for strengthening it. Books are purchased every year as requirements of different Departments from different publishing houses as per availability of funds. A few numbers of Journals, E-Journals, E-Books etc in three language viz. Assamese, English and Hindi

Library has a well furnished reading room for students as well as Teaching staff and visitors. Advanced mechanism viz. SOUL software 2.0 version is used for issue/circulation and receipt purposes.

Under Library services expansion/extension provision, there is facility for E-access Resources for Library users.

Sports Complex:

The college has a sports complex which is situated about 3 km’s away from the main campus.  The college has entrusted the responsibility of maintaining and looking after the sports complex to an IV Grade employee of the college for whose family accommodation, the college has built an Assam Type Building on one side of the Sports Complex land.


As of now, in the college there are sufficient numbers of computer in office, Library and IQAC, Distance Education Office, IGNOU study centre and all the departments. The computers of the Computer Centre are maintained and looked after by the Head of the Department of IT and