In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001


The vision of the college is to contribute directly to transforming India into an equitable and vibrant knowledge society through high quality education to all section of the society. The college strives to achieve global status in the area of education and leadership by developing knowledge, skills and values of the students. The college develops a deep sense of respect among the students towards fundamental duties and constitutional values of India. The endeavor of the college is to produce true global students to make them compatible in the nation as well as globally. The college imparts education with assured employable quality.       



The college is committed to:


The college will impart skill based and vocational education to develop self-reliant youth and assure employment guarantee.   


Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education as per Sustainable Development Goal-4 (SDG-4) set up by the government of India.


Promote lifelong learning opportunities for all sections of students irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion and socio-economic status.


Achieve global status in the area of education and leadership by imparting and leading the students.


Produce high quality and skilled students who are globally employable in the competitive market.


Use and develop rich talents and resources of the nation for the benefit of the society, country and world. 


Enable students to have knowledge on fundamental rights, democratic modes, human values and rights, secular ideals and develop in them the qualities of leadership to cope up in the global environment.


Produce good, efficient, responsible, self-dependent, forward-looking and patriotic youth force/citizens with scientific temper who will contribute to the knowledge economy.