In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001


a.    The main objective of the department is to provide an opportunity to the student community to study Education as a discipline in Major and General Courses at degree level under Dibrugarh University syllabus.

b.    To motivate and generate Educational consciousness among the students of the college in general and of the department in particulars.


The mission of the department is to build the students up as responsible citizen with adequate knowledge of their right duties, and codes of social life who can contribute to the process of making a healthy, developed and integrated society in modernized and globalized and educate the societies. It is a noble endeavour of the department to encourage the students to inculcate educational values, to strive to uphold the ideas of -educational construction and to serve the community around and the nation at large at the best of their abilities.


a.   The history of the departments dates back to 1993. In the time of starting o the department associated with the department as lecturer. Mrs Rita Chakraborty joined as a faculty member in 1992. she took much initiative for development of the department and students offered their high interest toward the education subject.  Due to personal cause Rita Chakraborty left the college in 1996.  After that Dr. Lima Baruah and Mr. Kamal Baruah joined in this college in 1st Aug. and 3rd Aug. 1996. The demand of students major course in education subject was started in 1998 and Dr. Arupa Dutta joined as a lecturer in the department in 1st Aug. 1998. College authority decided to appoint one other lecturer in the department to reduce the increasing work load of the department. In 01/08/2002 Mr. Ghana kanta Sonowal was appointed as lecturer of the department. The department has no building and practical room of its own. For running of classes it has been using the existing building of the college. The teachers have been working in the department as a close knit and with full co-operation and understanding

 Name of the Teacher :

1. Dr. Lima Baruah. M. A, Ph,D

2. Dr. Arupa Dutta. M. A, Ph,D

3.  Mr. Ghana  Kanta Sonowal. M. A





Assistant Professor (HOD)
M.A, Ph.D
Date of Joining: 1996-08-01
Assistant Professor
M.A, Ph.D
Date of Joining: 1998-09-02
Assistant Professor
M A , B.ed
Date of Joining: 2022-09-24
Non Sanctioned
Date of Joining: 0000-00-00
HOD, Department of Education
Lakhimpur Commerce College
In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001