In Front of District Library, North Lakhimpur, Assam - 787001

A Seminar on Indian Knowledge System

A Seminar on 'Indian Knowledge System" was organised by Lakhimpur Commerce College

A Seminar on 'Indian Knowledge System" was organised by Lakhimpur Commerce College in collaboration with BSM, Lakhimpur Unit on 23-03-2024 at Lakhimpur Commerce College. The importance of Indian Knowledge System and Holistic Development in Education as well as  Activities of the various Cells of this Unit was illustrated by Dr. Debajit Dutta, Vice-President, State Committee and Secretary, BSM, Lakhimpur Unit.  Valued Lectures were delivered by Rabin Kakoti, Regional Director, K.K.H State University and Member of Publication Cell, BSM, Badan Kalita, Member of BSM, Lakhimpur Unit and Dr. Sonaram Kalita, Principal, Sankardev College, Pathalipahar and Executive Member, BSM, Lakhimpur Unit. Dr. Sonali Gogoi Konwar, Principal, Lakhimpur Post Graduate Training College and Executive Member, Dr. Arupa Dutta , Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Lakhimpur Commerce College and Pramukh (Mahila Ayam) also delivered their valuable speech on the Indian Knowledge System. Lakshyajit Shyam , Assistant Professor of Lakhimpur Commerce College and Saha Pramukh (Gatibidhi) as well as Coordinator Higher Education BSM conducted this Seminar. Valued Advice was provided by Chiranjiv Chowlek, Assistant Professor, L.T.K College and Pramukh (Prachar) and Gautam Rajkhowa, Assistant Teacher of Lakhimpur Girls' H.S. and Saha Pramukh (Yuva Ayam).  Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Pranjal Das, Assistant Professor, L.T.K. College and Pramukh (Yuva Ayam). In this Seminar it is announced that a Book will be published on the Indian Knowledge System under BSM, Lakhimpur Unit.